15 Years Manufacturer FN-HU01-150 UFO 150W LED High-bay Floodlight Wholesale to New Zealand

15 Years Manufacturer
 FN-HU01-150 UFO 150W LED High-bay Floodlight Wholesale to New Zealand

Short Description:

1. Energy-saving, environmental friendly, high efficiency;
2. Obtain the certificates of CE,ROHS,EMC,UL,DLC,SAA;
3. Long life, almost 50000hours;
4. Accept OEM ORDERS.

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We keep improving and perfecting our products and service. At the same time, we work actively to do research and development for 15 Years Manufacturer FN-HU01-150 UFO 150W LED High-bay Floodlight Wholesale to New Zealand, We sincerely look forward to hearing from you. Give us a chance to show you our professionalism and passion.

FN-HU01-100 UFO 150W LED High-bay Floodlight


1) IP65, IK08/IK10
2) 5 years warranty (MEANWELL HBG 5 Years)
3) Patent and compact design
4) AC180~528V is available
5) Lumen Efficiency of Lamp Fixture up to 140Lm/w.
6) Multiple installations:hook/bracket/wall mounting
7) Product lable by elegant metal nameplate on product
8) Japan origin Nichia LED and Meanwell driver.
9) Equivalent to 150W, 250W, 400W, 700W and 1000W HID/HPS/MHL
10) Value added function, such as 1-10V, Dali control, Microwave motion sensor control and ZigBee control.

The Specification of UFO   High-bay led light
Item No. FN-HU01-80 FN-HU01-100 FN-HU01-120 FN-HU01-150 FN-HU01-200
Power 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W
Luminous/W 140lm/W 140lm/W 140lm/W 140lm/W 140lm/W
Luminous 11200lm 14000lm 16800lm 21000lm 28000lm
LED Qty 112pcs 140pcs 168pcs 203pcs 280pcs
Driver MeanWell MeanWell MeanWell MeanWell MeanWell


1. Outdoor Area Lighting, High Mast Lighting
2. Garage Lighting, Workshop Lighting
3. Warehouse Lighting, Factory Lighting, Industrial Lighting
4. Supermarket Lighting, Store Lighting
5. Tunnel Lighting, Bridge Lighting
6. Gas Station Lighting

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    This is a guide for dummies like myself.

    Things Needed:
    -Electrical Tape
    -Tap Connector

    First figure out exactly what you what your lights to do. The light’s I bought are the MIC sensitive and go along with the beat of your music. I got these from LEDGlow.com

    In this video I connected mine to the cigarette lighter wire underneath the center console. Im also sorry about my narration it wouldnt let me upload the entire thing with my iphone so I had to narrate over it and send to my laptop in pieces. But anyways once you take the side panels off you should find a few wires taped together. Locate the green wire in there and losen it from the tape so its exposed to work on. Take one side of the Tap and clamp it on to the wire. YOU DONT NEED TO SPLICE THE WIRE!! the way the tap works is so you dont need to splice. With other taps im not sure but if you use the one in the video you do not need to do it. After you have clamped the green wire take your red wire to the LED Box and clamp it into the other side of the tap. Next take the black wire (your ground) and find the 10mm socket and loosen it till you can fit the ground wire behind it and then tighten over it. After that start your car to see if your lights turn on. They most likely should turn on. After you test and see that the lights are working its time to hide your wire. My advice here is do not use zip ties. Instead use electrical tape. The reason why I say this is because maybe one day you chose to move your wire or re arrange the lights and you go to cut a zip tie and then you cut a wire. Thats no good. So stick to the tap. You can use zip ties to keep your lights in place but most of the time things come in the package to hold your lights.

    Like I said in the video if you need any help ask me. Im not the best when it comes to electrical stuff but for a dummy I figured it out.

    But I wouldn’t of got it without some of the people over at camaro5.com


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