Led luminaire FOND 200w sports field LED flood lamplighting

Led luminaire FOND 200w sports field LED flood lamplighting

간단한 설명:

1. Energy-saving, environmental friendly, high efficiency; 2. Obtain the certificates of CE,ROHS,EMC,UL,DLC,SAA; 3. Long life, almost 50000hours; 4. Accept OEM ORDERS.

  • FOB 가격 : US $ 0.5 - 9999 / 조각
  • Min.Order 수량 : 100 조각 / 조각
  • 공급 능력 : 10000 조각 / 월 당 조각
  • 포트 : 닝보
  • 지불 조건 : L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T
  • 제품 세부 정보

    제품 태그

    주도 홍수 램프 스포츠 분야 조명 200w

    상품명 방수 200w는 홍수 빛을 주도
    상표  다정한
    모델 번호 FN903A-200W
    입력 전압 AC85-265V
    주파수 범위 50-60HZ
    역률 ≥0.95
    색온도  화이트 / 따뜻한 화이트
    자료  알루미늄 + 강화 유리
    램프 발광 효율 (LM / w)  80LM / W
    색상 indexc (CRI) 라 ≥80
    인증 CE 및 RoHS 준수
    신청 벽, 광고 보드, 저장,광장, 정원 조명.





    1. 광 광 분포, 아니 눈부심, 아니 빛 공해, 높은 조명 효과와 높은 균일 성.

    2. 높은 역률, 에너지 절약 및 환경 보호.
    3. Surface treatment: coating treatment, high weather-ability, and rich colors.
    4. Integrated heat dispersion of the housing; artistic and novel appearance design. 

    주의를 필요로하는 사항

    1. The light’s waterproof grade is IP65, able to withstand rains, but it can’t work under water.
    2. Cut off power supply before and in installation process. If the product is damaged due to mal-operation, it shall not be guaranteed. Please have it mounted by a professional.

    3. The light’s operating ambient temperature is between -25℃ and 45℃. The temperature of operational site shall not exceed 45℃, to ensure the light’s service life.
    4. Since the light power is high, when power line is arranged, it’s necessary to select a proper power line according to actual power, and supply power in single phase.

    5. 허가없이 빛을 분리하지 마십시오. 전문 유지 보수 인력 또는 표시등이 점등되거나 결함이되지 않을 경우 제조업체에 문의하십시오. 


    보증 방수 200w 홍수 빛 가전이 통로를 연결 구축 쇼핑 센터, 전시장, 주차장, 경기장, gymnasia, 광고판, 공원, 동상, 정부의 조명 장식 프로젝트, 랜드 마크 또는 건물, 광장 및 통과를 위해 응용 프로그램, ROHS 주도, 실내 다른 옥외 조명 응용 프로그램. 


    Why are you choicing us?


    Ningbo Fond-lighting Company Ltd. has advanced production equipment and testing instruments.

    Right now, the new LED flood light and Led underwater light have successfully won a place in the market.

    And, the products of our company has been approved by GS, CE, EMC, RoHS, REACH, PAHS, SAA, UL, DLC which is

    surperior to the peer company. “High starting point, high quality, high pursuit” is our purpose.

    The principle of our company is  providing  users with good quality products and prompt after-sales service in all


    자주하는 질문

    1. How about our company?

    We have been specializing in LED flood light, LED high bay light, LED street light, LED underwater light, LED underground light for 10 years.

    2. Do you accept OEM order?

    Yes, OEM for our LED lights are acceptable.

    3. How long is the delivery time?

    It ‘s about 15-20 days.

    4. What’s your payment terms?


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