Visit the BOE Plant: Up to 80,000 Live Vegetables Per Month

Sesame flavor, mustard flavor, creamy taste … … these flavors are from the BOE plant plant that row of green vegetables. Special statement, these tastes are not formed later processing, but the vegetables themselves with the “body odor.” This magic plant is located in the town of watermelon Daxing Panggezhuang, an area of 4,500 square meters, in the factory, you can not see the soil, flying insects, smell the smell of various fertilizers, panoramic view is A row of green vegetables, feel the high-tech planting techniques and interesting eating experience.

How does the BOE become a high-tech company known for its semiconductor industry? This is because the BOE based on its own technological advantages and technology accumulation, in product quality and stability of the supply has a greater advantage, has built a different “plant factory.”


LED plant lighting to make up for the natural growth of vegetables under the “vacancy”

“Seedlings before planting, we have their own nursery room, where the seeds through the special preparation of the infiltration of nutrients and LED lighting, 3 days or so can germinate, and then about 10 days, to be long to have 3-4 tablets Leaves the time, and then transplant it to a special growth bed. “BOE senior vice president Li Xiao said, if the traditional agricultural method of planting, probably a month to emergence. The optimal lighting time for the growth of the seedlings is 14 hours per day. In the traditional agriculture, the sun can not carry out photosynthesis.


And BOE through LED plant lighting to make up for this period of a light “vacancy”, so that the plant’s growth efficiency can be optimized to improve. “LED lights open 14 hours a day, so after 30 days of cultivation and growth, fresh vegetables grow into.

Li Xiao introduced the factory with artificial light area, natural light area and mixed light area, can achieve annual production, monthly production of up to 80,000 live vegetables, is the common soil cultivation field production 5 times, due to the use of NFT (new Soil cultivation techniques) planting methods, than the traditional soil cultivation of agricultural water saving nearly 90%.

Special nutrient solution to ensure that 30 days to eat high nutrition “live vegetables”

Inside the greenhouse, all vegetables are cultivated using hydroponics. In contrast to the general hydroponic technique, the water here is a special “nutrient solution” developed by the BOE Plant Division to meet all the nutrients needed for vegetable growth.

“Nutrient solution through the bed to the plant roots.” Li Xiao introduced, “bed bed bed to maintain a certain tilt, so easy to plant the bottom of the nutrient solution of the transport, and the temperature of nutrient solution maintained at 18-25 degrees, Of the roots in the shallow stream to stimulate the better growth. “Vegetables in this” up and down attack “state, about 20 days can grow into a dish. That is, after 30 days, you can eat fresh vegetables.

What is the concept of such a growth cycle, to lettuce, for example, in the greenhouse should also be 76 days to grow vegetables, and in the BOE plant plant only 30 days, and not affected by the season, the whole year can eat To fresh vegetables.

At present, the factory planted vegetables are cream lettuce, Roman lettuce, rosa red, rosa green, Guangdong vegetable heart, red amaranth, mint, green basil, purple basil, bitter and other varieties of more than 30 species, and through the authority Of the test, the nutritional value of more than soil cultivation field vegetables, such as: 100g cream lettuce potassium content is 100g banana 1.5 times, dietary fiber is 3 times the ordinary vegetables. As the vegetables grow in clean space, and the whole process does not use any pesticides, so simply rinse can be eaten.

Li introduced, the current factory are planted leafy vegetables, other fruits of the vegetable cultivation technology BOE also already have.

The sensor automatically senses the vegetables needed

Reporters in the plant factory basically do not see the staff, Li saw the reporter’s doubts: “Our factory only three staff, because our nutrient solution ratio and delivery system is automated, through the set of 8,9 They will transmit the nutrient level and growth required during the growth of the plant to our control room in time to realize our remote monitoring of the plant plant and keep in mind the growth of the vegetables.


And want to enter the interior of the factory, must undergo a rigorous disinfection work, wearing a dust cap, sets of shoes sets, but also for air shower. “This disinfection process is the greatest degree of protection of vegetable growth environment clean, not to bacteria and pests close to vegetables.” Li said.

BOE also familyized the vegetable cultivation model, launched a miniature version of the plant plant for the family planting – “Fun Garden”, which can grow three vegetables. “We launched this fun garden, more to the family to the use of science education, so that family and children aware of the plant plant production concept.” Li said. At present, consumers can learn more about the “Fun Garden” and the contents of the plant by focusing on the public letter BOE.

BOE also took the lead in providing “direct supply with root” and “live vegetables” concept to ensure that vegetables in the best condition to reach the hands of consumers. The concept of the proposed, thanks to the roots of vegetables with the cultivation of the substrate can keep the water to keep the vegetables in the transport process of fresh. At the same time, the substrate has a rapid degradation function, but also make the vegetable planting process more environmentally friendly.


Of course, this is only part of the reasons for the preservation of vegetables in the transport process, another important reason is that vegetables in the factory, will be placed in the cold storage for about two hours, so that vegetables into the “shallow sleep”, then Was put into the incubator to the destination.


Into the Oriental Plaza store will be able to see the BOE to provide a 1.6 m × 1.6 m MINI plant cultivation system, butter lettuce, Guangdong Cai Xin, Rome lettuce, planting species up to more than 10 species, Monthly production of 260 trees. “In cooperation with BOE in December 2015, the customer will be able to see the BOI MINI plant cultivation system, and after understanding the system, they have asked the tasting of the system to cultivate the vegetables, and sometimes it is in short supply.” ”

At present, cooperation with the BOE catering business will be too much, sea fishing, courtyard private dining and other well-known catering business under the number of facade stores.


Restaurant MINI plant cultivation system is more to consumers to understand the principles of its vegetable growth, the amount of its food is less than the supply needs. “Li said, more demand is from the plant factory base in the past.” Every month we will regularly for these cooperation in the facade shop for the supply of food. ”

Li Xiao introduced at present with the people’s lifestyle changes, the increasing demand for salad vegetables.

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development “intelligent plant production technology research” project, has been included in the national 863 plan. This is the first time in the domestic similar projects. Over the years, the plant has been recognized internationally as the highest stage of development of facilities agriculture, is a measure of a country’s agricultural high-tech level is one of the important signs of the 21st century to solve the population, resources, environmental issues, an important way, as well as the future of space engineering , The moon and other planets to explore the process of achieving an important means of food self-sufficiency.

Jingdong side seize the opportunity to enhance innovation and research and development capabilities, expand the intelligent plant plant business, the development of seven related issues, including plant plant LED energy-saving light source, intelligent cultivation, intelligent environment control, nutrition control, network intelligent management and artificial light, natural light mixing Type plant factory demonstration, etc., will form a very competitive high-tech planting technology and industrial advantages.

Post time: Jul-13-2017