White light source color evaluation method” and other four standard approval

According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, July 24, 2017 issued the “29 light industry, the electronics industry standards and three national standards for the electronics industry for approval”, of which four light industry standards and lighting products, standards The relevant information is as follows:

(1) QB / T 2516-2017 “dysprosium lamp”

The main contents of the standard: This standard specifies the classification and naming of dysprosium lamps, the main dimensions, basic parameters, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, packaging, transportation and storage.

This standard is applicable to diamonds with a power of 3 500 W and below, with a transparent glass bulb. The lamp is powered by 220 V or 380 V and 50 Hz AC power according to different specifications. Use the reference ballast and trigger according to Appendix A to operate normally within the range of 92% to 106% of the rated supply voltage And the ignition.

(2) QB / T 5207-2017 “lighting products to add krypton -85, thorium-232 limit requirements”

The main content of the standard: This standard provides the lighting products to add krypton-85, thorium-232 maximum allowable content.
This standard applies to the following lighting products:
- metal halide lamps or arc tubes;
- short arc mercury lamp;
- short arc xenon lamp;
- Road motor vehicle bulbs.

(3) QB / T 5208-2017 “Evaluation method of color rendering of white light source”

The main content of the standard: This standard specifies the evaluation of white light source color with two measurement parameters, including color fidelity index Rf and color gamut index Rg. This standard applies to indoor and outdoor lighting to the main level of vision, with ordinary lighting-based white light and lighting systems.

(4) QB / T 5209-2017 “decorative lighting with integrated LED lamp performance requirements”

The main contents of the standard: This standard specifies the product classification and naming, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking and packaging requirements for integrated LED lights for decorative lighting. This standard applies to homes and similar places as decorative lighting, the LED light source and stable ignition components integrated into one of the non-directional integrated LED lights.

The scope of application is as follows:

——Rated voltage AC220 V, frequency 50Hz;

——The use of GB / T 1406.1 in line with the screw cap or GB / T 1406.5 meet the bayonet lamp;

——Dimensions meet the requirements of GB / T 7249, the maximum diameter of the lamp diameter of not more than 50 mm.

Any lamp that meets the requirements of this standard shall be capable of starting and operating normally under conditions of 92% to 106% of the rated supply voltage or within the nominal operating voltage range of ambient temperature of -20 ° C to 45 ° C.

Post time: Jul-28-2017