Wholesale Dealers of FN-HU01-100 UFO IP65 IK08/IK10 100W LED High-bay Floodlight Factory in Cambodia

Wholesale Dealers of
 FN-HU01-100 UFO IP65 IK08/IK10 100W LED High-bay Floodlight Factory in Cambodia

Short Description:

1. Energy-saving, environmental friendly, high efficiency;
2. Obtain the certificates of CE,ROHS,EMC,UL,DLC,SAA;
3. Long life, almost 50000hours;
4. Accept OEM ORDERS.

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We stick to our enterprise spirit of "Quality, Efficiency, Innovation and Integrity". We aim to create more value for our customers with our rich resources, advanced machinery, experienced workers and excellent services for Wholesale Dealers of FN-HU01-100 UFO IP65 IK08/IK10 100W LED High-bay Floodlight Factory in Cambodia, Please send us your specifications and requirements, or feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries that you may have.

FN-HU01-100 UFO 100W LED High-bay Floodlight


1) IP65, IK08/IK10
2) 5 years warranty (MEANWELL HBG 5 Years)
3) Patent and compact design
4) AC180~528V is available
5) Lumen Efficiency of Lamp Fixture up to 140Lm/w.
6) Multiple installations:hook/bracket/wall mounting
7) Product lable by elegant metal nameplate on product
8) Japan origin Nichia LED and Meanwell driver.
9) Equivalent to 150W, 250W, 400W, 700W and 1000W HID/HPS/MHL
10) Value added function, such as 1-10V, Dali control, Microwave motion sensor control and ZigBee control.

The Specification of UFO   High-bay led light
Item No. FN-HU01-80 FN-HU01-100 FN-HU01-120 FN-HU01-150 FN-HU01-200
Power 80W 100W 120W 150W 200W
Luminous/W 140lm/W 140lm/W 140lm/W 140lm/W 140lm/W
Luminous 11200lm 14000lm 16800lm 21000lm 28000lm
LED Qty 112pcs 140pcs 168pcs 203pcs 280pcs
Driver MeanWell MeanWell MeanWell MeanWell MeanWell


1. Outdoor Area Lighting, High Mast Lighting
2. Garage Lighting, Workshop Lighting
3. Warehouse Lighting, Factory Lighting, Industrial Lighting
4. Supermarket Lighting, Store Lighting
5. Tunnel Lighting, Bridge Lighting
6. Gas Station Lighting


Why are you choicing us?


Ningbo Fond-lighting Company Ltd. has advanced production equipment and testing instruments.

Right now, the new LED flood light and Led underwater light have successfully won a place in the market.

And, the products of our company has been approved by GS, CE, EMC, RoHS, REACH, PAHS, SAA, UL, DLC which is

surperior to the peer company. “High starting point, high quality, high pursuit” is our purpose.

The principle of our company is  providing  users with good quality products and prompt after-sales service in all



1. How about our company?

We have been specializing in LED flood light, LED high bay light, LED street light, LED underwater light, LED underground light for 10 years.

2. Do you accept OEM order?

Yes, OEM for our LED lights are acceptable.

3. How long is the delivery time?

It ‘s about 15-20 days.

4. What’s your payment terms?


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